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Ucluelet Dragon

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This photo was taken outside of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island in 2019.

This image is comprised of 3 photographs taken at different angles. Each image was exposed for ~4-6 minutes that were then stitched together creating one panorama of the rocky shoreline.The challenge with using long exposures for panoramic images is the changing light conditions, not to mention the incoming tide.

This is also a very rare capture of Volantes Ignis Lacerta, better known as a Flying Fire Lizard or Dragon; native to the northwest region of Vancouver Island. It is believed this species surfaces only several times a century to feed and scavenge on unsuspecting tourists. This particula dragon appears to be heading back to its lair deep under the coastal shore and may never be seen again in our lifetime**.

22" x 44" Print

Image is hand signed and printed on Epson Legacy Etching, archival 100% cotton fibre paper.

Image is not framed.

**may not be factually accurate

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